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Swimming Squad

City Beach Water Polo Club in conjunction with UWA Torpedoes Water Polo Club is conducting a swimming squad for all members and families:

There are three great reasons to join our Winter Swimming Squad:-

  1. Much Cheaper than any comparable swimming squad – just $75 / month including pool entry. At this price it is 1/3rd of the cost of comparable swimming squads,
  2. City Beach’s swimming squad has your fellow team members swimming with you and not only can you gauge your improvement but you can also have social interaction with friends, and
  3. The swimming sessions are designed to improve your general swimming for school etc and also improve your basic water polo swimming skills.

This winter City Beach WPC has restarted the morning swimming squad to complement water polo training sessions. Water polo is a swimming game and requires a high level of fitness to participate. Commitment to a swimming squad is an essential part of a water polo player’s weekly training routine.

The details of the Swimming Squad are as follows:

Days: Monday – Friday

Born 1999+ Girls         Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Born 1999+ Boys         Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Time: 5:45am – 7:00am

Venue: UWA Pool in Crawley


Whilst the swimming squad is available to all CBWPC members and parents, young & old, the squad is strongly encouraged for boys & girls who aspire to be selected in our junior teams competing at the National Championships.

Currently we have about 25 boys & 25 girls attending the swimming squads. We can accommodate more than double this attendance number as we have use of the entire UWA pool. We also have mums & dads in the squad swimming as best they can to keep up with their kids. The swimming Squad is Directed by Damian Kelly with former Olympians, Andrei Kovalenko & Martin Callaghan coaching the squad.

For the senior club member the swimming squad is also available for general fitness. If you enjoy keeping fit then this is a great place to be as you are in good company swimming with your team mates.

Parents are most welcome to join in as well. If you like to keep fit or want to lose weight / improve general fitness then this squad is also available for you to join.

Please click on this link for registration

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