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UWA TorpedoES

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Established in 1990

The UWA Torpedoes is the AWL (Australian Water Polo League) franchise of the very successful parent UWA Water Polo Club. The UWA Torpedoes Men’s team took the National title in the 2015/16 AWL season.

In 2010, the club enlisted a new coach, triple Olympian Andrei Kovalenko to our men’s team resulting in a huge improvement in the teams national standing culminating in the 2015/16 Men’s championship. Many of our male players have gained selection in national squads and have been awarded scholarships with the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS).

UWA TorpedoEs Men's Team 2023

Head coach: Andrei Kovalenko
Manager: Paul Lilleyman

Thomas Freeman
Matthew Morris
George Ford
Jonas de Oliveira Crivella
Santiago San Martin
Nicholas Hughes
Julian Kyriakou
Lachlan Emanuel
Andrew Ford
Riley Childs
Scott Lilleyman
Charlie Emanuel
Sam Rowbottam
Andrew Barber
Tom Sangster
Harry Tucker
Griffin Woodhouse
Parsa Vahdani
Lewis Putt
Owen Lilleyman
Charlie Reynolds
Edward Handley

UWA TorpedoEs Women's Team 2023

The Women’s team has appointed a new coach in 2021 with the well-credentialed Damian Kelly, who has coached at both state and national level with great success. Damian’s focus is developing the current team with an expectation of making the medal playoffs this coming season.

Head coach: Damian Kelly
Manager: Fia Rigo

Carine Harache
Rebecca Gibb
Rebecca Liddle
Bronwen Knox
Cathryn Earl
Dayna O’Leary
Claire Whitaker
Pippa Pedley
Madi Rigo
Gloria Giachi
Isabella Sayer
Glenda Morgan
Allegra Childs
Emma Putt
Amelia Taboni
Bridget Cranley
Gabrielle Sayer
Isla Mulligan
Jamie Cannon
Matilda Moore
Isabelle Walls
Katie Morris

Australian Water Polo League - UWA Water Polo


The Australian Waterpolo League (AWL) is Australia’s premier domestic water polo competition – the water polo equivalent of the AFL!

The AWL has 10 representative clubs from across Australia, each club has one team for each gender. The AWL begun as the National Water Polo Men’s League back in 1990, with the women’s league introduced in 2004. In 2015 WPA introduced a licensing structure to the league to formalise the teams’ involvement, meaning all 10 clubs involved now hold a license to compete each year. In 2017, the name was changed from ‘National Water Polo League’ to ‘Australian Waterpolo League’.

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